Akasi's Youth Services

Cultural Support

Akasi's Youth Services is a culturally rich and sensitive environment for youth from all different cultural backgrounds including aboriginal youth.  A variety of organizations and resources shall be utilized to connect our aboriginal children to their heritage. Community outings will be incorporated into programming for cultural events. Activities such as craft work, cooking, hand games, sharing circles and other culturally based activities will be offered. 

Educational Support

Public schools will be selected based on youth needs. Behavioural and educational needs will be tailored to embrace a variety of strategies to help with the academic success of our youth. If standard academics may be a struggle for youth we will utilize programs such as the  Behavioural Learning Assistance Program. Appropriate and consistent educational support will be employed. Close relationships will be maintained with youths schools and activities. Staff/and tutors will be made available to help youth with their work to enhance scholastic advancement. Support will be modified until a measurable level of success is achieved and maintained.

Recreational Support

Akasi's Youth Services provides a community activity or recreational outing on evenings. This teaches our youth to have positive days so they can participate in the evening activity. It also gives our youth the opportunity to become familiar with community resources. Akasi's Youth Services care givers will ensure that youth experience an array of physical activities. Staff supervision and participation will enrich youth experience. Youth will be encouraged to enroll in organizations such as art programs, leaders in training, martial arts, sports teams etc, based on personal interest.

Individualized Support

Our individualized programming is essential to our guiding purpose and past success. We acknowledge the fact that each and every youth is different and unique in their own shape, form and personality: therefore we believe that support  specifically designed to cater to the youth’s likes and interests will develop confidence, pro social skills, self esteem and personal fulfillment.  Programs such as dance, music, art, cooking, community soccer, baseball, basketball, football and floor hockey are just a few activities that former youth have participated in. Akasi's Youth Services will continue to help youth find a program or activity that they enjoy to help along their path while in the program.

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